Citrino is a studio artist and an independent curator.

She has exhibited paintings, sculpture and photographs in New York, Belgium, Italy, Brazil and Egypt and her work has been included in the National Museum in Warsaw as well as The Duchamp Commemorative Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

She studied painting and sculpture at Fleisher Art Memorial and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, The Clay Studio and Psychology at Temple University.

She is the recipient of several exhibition awards and citations from The City of Philadelphia, Florence Italy and Millville, NJ. in addition to serving on the exhibition committee of RRCA she is a past president of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art and an Executive Board Member of  The Da Vinci Art Alliance and served on the Design Team of Main Street Bridgeton and The Mayor’s Task Force of Millville, NJ.

Citrino was Board President of the Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia from 1914-16 and the "Eleventh Hour Review" for the Critics Club sponsored by Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.

Globe Dye Works


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