Warning: The art I make is not intended to change your neighborhood. I am not a social worker nor am I an author.


I am a visual artist creating illusion with line, color and composition. I use rollers, pens, and whatever will do the job. I admire the commitment to origins by Cy Twombly, the playful freedom of Paul Klee and the spiritual underpinnings of Kandinsky. My lines are achieved by projecting myself  into the essentialness of the individual line and imagining the first line ever drawn. The line has to be felt and followed.

I want to merge the history of an obscure past with my own sensual and emotional responses to it. In both the content  and process of my art, I am interested in the global layering of time and history, of painting and drawing and of various meanings and associations. My art places itself in the context of the history of civilization as well as the process-oriented aspects of Abstract Expressionism.

I am recently interested in illuminating the process of writing through line based compositions, often inspired by the almost universal linear forms of script or the complexity of weavings. As I work subtle narratives that lay beneath the surface of an image are revealed to my imagination as they are to the mind of the viewer.

The texture and quality of the paper is important. As the ruling pen is dragged across the surface the line takes on an active presence. My geometrics imagine worlds.  


A photograph is taken with my Iphone or Nikon SLR at the highest resolution. I then take the image into PHOTOSHOP and work the image intensity. In this series I have superimposed scanned drawings of a blackbird.

There is something challenging and at once perverse about going in and “enhancing” an image that is accepted as reality by virtue of the fact that it is a photo. Snapped in the moment. Capturing a moment in time. What I intend is to drag that moment out to imagined conclusions. Primal line and exuberant color continue to represent the essence of my art.

I prefer to print on metallic photo paper or directly on metal.